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Kindly note: Ektara.org is different from other groups by similar names such as Ektaraindia.in, Ek tara, Ektara Collective and Ektara foundation etc. We launched out activities and products in 2003.

Ektara video magazine
September 2019

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A warm welcome to Ektara, the online video magazine of history, society and culture of India and South Asia. We hope our stories and interviews will entertain and inspire you, and arouse your appetite for more about our rich and diverse pasts. Ektara magazine comes out once every two months. We need your support to keep it running.

In this new issue, we bring you the following short videos and segments:

1. Where Have You Hidden My New Moon Crescent (film)
2. Kashmir in Historic Film Footage
3. Tasveer Ghar feature: Picturing Chandrashekhar Azad

1. Where Have You Hidden My New Moon Crescent
Directed by Iffat Fatima, this film is a tribute to Mughal Mase and her relentless quest for justice and redress. It explores issues of memory, violence and healing. Mughal Mase lived in Habba Kadal, Srinagar, Kashmir. On September 1, 1990, her only son Nazir Ahmed Teli, who was a teacher was disappeared, never to be found again.

2. Kashmir in Historic Film Footage
Ektara brings a list of publicly available archival footage on Kashmir. Some of the earliest film recordings from the British Pathe to other sources.

3. New Feature from Tasveer Ghar:
The Embodiment of Quicksilver: Picturing Chandrashekhar Azad
A visual essay by Kama Maclean featuring some of the iconographic representations of the revolutionary freedom fighter Chandrashekhar Azad

Also, in the context of a recent incident of demolition of a Ravidas temple in Delhi, please see our earlier visual essay in this regard:

Daljit Ami: Exploring Ravidas, Understanding the Meeting Point of Faiths and Resistance

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