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Kashmir in Historic Film Footage

Today’s historian depends not only on the archaeological specimens or textual documents for writing history, but a wide range of other unconventional materials that were not given much attention earlier. Some of these include photography, print and visual culture, and oral histories, among others. Cinema or film footage is another powerful source for knowing the details of our past, albeit of last one century or so. Kashmir has been recorded extensively on film since the Arrival of the film camera in India. What we have chosen here is mostly documentary footage and not fictionalised accounts of the past. We have avoided videos or films that go into the political crisis of Kashmir.

Classical Kashmir (Old Srinagar Kashmir video) Penn Museum

Land of the Shalimar (Capital Films)

Coronation Sir Hari Singh as Maharajah of Kashmir in 1926

Kashmir (1930)
Filmed in 1930, this film shows the journey to Srinagar and its famous Dal Lake
and Shalimar Gardens along with other sites.

Kashmir (1941)

Nehru in Kashmir (1947) British Pathé

Kashmir Celebrations (1948) British Pathé

Kashmir in Lost Images

On The Kashmir Front (1965)

Gilgit Baltistan

Crisis over Kashmir (1965)

Vale of Kashmir (1930) Rambling Reporter

Kashmir (1966) British Pathé

History of Ladakh, Leh. The Last Shangri-la, 1978.

Sheikh Abdullah & Maharaja Hari Singh, A Disputed Land (film by British Pathé)

The above is a selection of archival film footage. If you come across some more interesting
footage of Kashmir, please let us know.
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