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Following videos on Indian history and heritage are from different sources. Kindly note that does not verify the authenticity of information and views presented in these videos. For deeper understanding of the subject, the information must be verified from other authentic sources before relying on the videos. No historical information can be completely objective and free from prejudices. In many videos and movies, some creative and imaginary visualization is used to illustrate a point or fact.

Bharat Ek Khoj: Akbar

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World
Ancient India

History of Indian Mathematics, Part 1 of 2

CSDS Rajni Kothari lecture
by Prof.Shahid Amin

India's Freedom Movement (excerpt)
The Story of India

India invented: Tracing India's History
with (late) Arvind Das

An Interactive Workshop on History
with Prof. Romila Thapar

To The Point with Irfan Habib
(Rajya Sabha TV)