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Why should we study history and heritage?
Some people believe that history simply contains stories of kings and queens, while some think it’s just a compilation of facts and events about past with no relevance for today. Especially in this age of technological advancements, does history matter?

Being too much engrossed in the events of the present or thinking about an exciting future, many of us forget or ignore the past. But, can we really understand the present or the future by ignoring the past?

Well, history is like the memory of our own lives. Imagine, as a grown-up person, if we lose the memory of our entire life - forget everything that has happened to us till now. All the people we know, all the things we learnt in school, the language we communicate with – if everything disappears one day from our brain, what’ll happen? Will we be able to live a regular social life in this world without our remembrance? No?

History is also our memory, a collective memory of our society without which we cannot survive. It allows us to understand ourselves deeply. It helps us discover how our world evolved to arrive at this stage. It lets us understand the origins of our current social problems, and maybe look for their solution. The experience of our ancestors teaches us to lead better and improved lives. It gives us a sense of belonging, and a sense of pride in the legacy we inherit from our elders. And above all, learning and discovering our history is as exciting and engrossing as listening to a story.

“If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.”
~ Rudyard Kipling