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Links and Resources on Indian History, Arts and Culture

The Story of India, Michael Wood, PBS documentary. (Lesson plans)

Some documentaries about India (Documentary Addict)

Khan Academy crash course in World History

Changing interpretations of early Indian history, Upinder Singh

Outsider as enemy: The politics of rewriting history in India, K.N. Panikkar

Epigraphical Studies in India - Sanskrit and Dravidian: Preservation of Inscriptions

Epigraphical Studies in India - Arabic and Persian Inscriptions

History and interpretation: Communalism and problems of historiography in India, Irfan Habib

Subalterns, Rebels, and Outcastes: Explorations in Modern Indian History, Vinay Lal

Role of Schools in Conservation of the Natural & Cultural Heritage (CCRT India)

History in the Service of Imperialism, Dr. B. N. Pande

Indian Cultural Forum

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