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Kindly note: Ektara.org is different from other groups by similar names such as Ektaraindia.in, Ek tara, Ektara Collective and Ektara foundation etc. We launched out activities and products in 2003.

Ektara video magazine
March 2022

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A very warm welcome to Ektara, the online video magazine of history, society and culture of India and South Asia. Ektara has completed six years. We need your support to keep this running.

In this new issue, we bring you the following short videos and segments:

1. Kahin pade na muhabbat ki maar Holi mein
Lest the shower of love not fall on your on Holi. An Urdu nazm (poem) of Nazir Banarasi (1909-1996) on the festival of Holi, recited by Sadia Wahidi.

2. 'Rewriting' of History in India: Online Debates and Resources

Since the rise of Hindutva or Hindu extremism in the recent years, efforts are on to rewrite history according to Hindu nationalism. Here are some debates and resources:

3. India's children appeal for peace
In an atmosphere of communal hatred and violence, some Indian children make an appeal for supporting peace and harmony.

4. Featured video: Getting Better: 200 Years of Medicine
A short documentary that explores three remarkable stories of medical progress: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Surgery (From the New England Journal of Medicine).

5. From Ektara archive: Eid-e Gulabi, Plural History of Holi Festival
A list of historical sources on the internet.

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