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Kindly note: Ektara.org is different from other groups by similar names such as Ektaraindia.in, Ek tara, Ektara Collective and Ektara foundation etc. We launched our activities and products in 2003.

Ektara video magazine
March 2021

(See the list of previous issues)

A warm welcome to Ektara, the online video magazine of history, society and culture of India and South Asia. Over the last six years we brought you stories and videos on South Asia's shared culture and history.

In this new issue, we bring you the following short videos and segments:
1. History of Agriculture in South Asia: Online Resources
2. Kirtaniye, a festival of women's voices in Gurbani sangeet 2020
3. South Asia as print centre of Islamic popular art in early 20th c.
4. Featured video: D N Jha on 'Agrarian crisis, Cow politics and Lynching'

History of Agriculture in India
1. Online Resources on Ancient Farming practices

With current discussions about farmers and the future of farming in India, we bring a historical perspective to agriculture in South Asia >>

2. Kirtaniye... The Invisible Divine

Kirtaniye was a festival of Women’s Voices in Gurbani Sangeet held at India International Centre, New Delhi on 17 January 2020. To celebrate Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji's 550th anniversary and the intangible secular spirit of our national identity, eminent women vocalists from different regions of India, representing different faiths, languages and cultures sang verses written by Bhakti and Sufi saints Kabir, Farid and Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji himself, in Pushto,Braj bhasha, Hindi and Punjabi >>

3. South Asia as print centre of Islamic popular art in early 20th century
Illustrated lecture and discussion with Yousuf Saeed about his work on the popular Islamic images produced and circulated in South Asia in 20th century. Lecture delivered by Yousuf Saeed on October 8th, 2020 at the start of the workshop "Islam, Media and Popular Culture in Africa and Elsewhere, at the Center for Global Islamic Studies, the University of Florida.

4. Prof. D.N. Jha talks on 'Agrarian crisis, Cow politics and Lynching'
Prof Dwijendra Narayan Jha who passed on 4th February 2021, was an Indian historian specialising in ancient and medieval India, and the author of the famous book ‘The Myth of the Holy Cow’

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