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Ektara video magazine
March 2018

(See the list of previous issues)

Greetings for Basant and Holi. This is the third year of Ektara, the online video magazine of history, society and culture of India and South Asia. We hope our stories and interviews will entertain and inspire you, and arouse your appetite for more about our rich and diverse pasts. Ektara magazine comes out once every two months. We need your support to keep it running.

In this new issue, we bring you the following short videos and segments:

1. Kausar Munir and Mukul Kesavan: The language Bombay cinema speaks, part 2
2. Campaign: Justice for Ankit Saxena
3. Tamsili mushaira (Allegorical gathering of Urdu poets) part 1 and 2
4. Featured video: Sufis-Yogis, Visual and literary articulations...
5. Announcements: 14th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, plus more.

1. Kausar Munir and Mukul Kesavan:
The language Bombay cinema speaks, part 2 of 2
Panel discussion as part of the international conference on the Popular Culture of Urdu Language held at Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (8-10 September 2017). Discussion facilitated by Rana Safvi. 3-day conference supported by IFA, Bangalore.
First part of this discussion available at https://youtube.com/watch?v=Q1RP58oVPXU

Ankit Saxena

2. Campaign: Justice for Ankit Saxena
Ankit Saxena, a young photographer was murdered for being in love with a Muslim girl in west Delhi's Raghubir Nagar. His family, which refused to make this a Hindu-Muslim communal issue, is appealing not only for justice, but also to begin a fund-raising campaign for activities on harmony and peace. Some organizations have come together to raise funds for Ankit's family. Please visit this page to make your contribution >>

3. Tamsili Mushaira (Allegorical gathering of Urdu poets), part 1 of 2
As part of Urdu Heritage Festival (Jashn-e Virasat-e Urdu) organized by Urdu Academy Delhi, and arranged by Centre for Art and Free Expression, at Central park, Connaught Place, New Delhi, on 17 February, 2018. ('Tamsili' means allegorical, dramatic or figurative). Part 2 of this recording is available at https://youtube.com/watch?v=_7_cbF6UgcQ

4. Murad Khan Mumtaz: Sufis-Yogis, Visual and literary articulations
from Chandayan to Muraqqa-e Salim

An illustrated lecture by Murad Khan Mumtaz about exchanges between the Sufis and Nath Yogis as depicted in many classical medieval texts.

5. Announcements: Events in March 2018 in Delhi

~ 14th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival, 5-7 March 2018 at India International Centre, New Delhi. Celebrating the creative works of women filmmakers from across Asia. 73 outstanding films from 20 countries are being featured >>

~ 'Campus Rising', a documentary film about students reclaiming freedom and justice in India's universities, being screened at Studio Safdar, Shadi-Khampur, New Delhi, on Friday, 16 March, 2018 (3:30 pm) >>

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