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Kindly note: Ektara.org is different from other groups by similar names such as Ektaraindia.in, Ek tara, Ektara Collective and Ektara foundation etc. We launched out activities and products in 2003.

Ektara video magazine
August 2022

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Ektara wishes you warmly as India and Pakistan complete 75 years of independence this year. Ektara is an online magazine on shared history, heritage and arts. One of its aims is to promote peace and communal harmony in India and the world. Your support will keep us floating.

In our August 2022 issue, we present the following features and videos:

1. Qasba Sanskriti - Bilgram: a film about Muharram in a qasba
This documentary is a cultural sketch of Bilgram, a small town near Lucknow in north India, featuring the performative arts and rituals associated with the Ashura of Muharram. Directed by Yousuf Saeed for IGNCA, New Delhi.

2. Ekusher Daak Manusher Dabi: Series of 4 lectures in Bangla and Hindi
Ekusher Daak Manusher Dabi is an online space formed to carry forward the battle for democracy, diversity, human dignity and justice, including climate justice, by bringing together ideas and activists from diverse fields of creation and struggle. On India's 75th independence we present Nokshikanthar Jolchhobi: Pochattore Desh (Embroidered Images: Our Land at 75), a talk series by four eminent experts (Urmimala Sarkar, Sohail Hashmi, Subhendu Dasgupta and Yousuf Saeed) throughout August 2022 on Facebook. See the full poster here or watch the live videos on respective dates here: https://www.facebook.com/ekusherdak/

3. Khwaja Ahmad Abbas: The Writer, Thinker, Dreamer

Google Arts and Culture features a presentation based on the archives of author and filmmaker K.A. Abbas consisting of over 74 books, 100 short stories, 3000 newspaper columns in Urdu, Hindi and English and 45 films, among others. https://artsandculture.google.com/story/kwWR4fYJnbvrIQ

4. Partition's Musical Legacies: an Online Musical Concert Dialogue

An Online Musical Concert Dialogue across the “three” Punjabs (in India, Pakistan and in the western Diaspora) to be held this coming Friday on August 5, 2022 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm IST. The concert will feature Chaar Yaar Faquiri quartet from Delhi NCR (India) Marifat Sufi band from Lahore (Pakistan), and the Grewal Twins from London (UK). Organisers: Dr Radha Kapuria (Leverhulme Fellow, University of Sheffield) and the British Library, London. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/partitions-musical-legacies-online-zoom-tickets-372061214107.

5. Cinemarg filmshow at Dehradun: Satyajit Ray's Aparajito
As part of the year-long course on Film Appreciation, Cinemarg.com (a group of cineastes and filmmakers) continues to show great cinema at the Dwijen Sen Memorial Kala Kendra, Dehradun. On August 7th, we show Satyajit Ray's Aparajito at 4:30 pm. See details at https://www.facebook.com/events/562115045650780

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