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PrintHistory of Indian Printing and Publishing
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September 2017
Compiled by Neha Sankhla

India's printing and publishing industry had its origins in mid-sixteenth century when printing press was brought by Jesuit missionaries through Goa. The initiation was primarily to promote Christianity among Indians. In turn it also aided the growth of Indian vernacular languages to produce various literary works. It was during the nineteenth century that numerous Indian-owned printing presses started to spread their ideas and thoughts through educational, social, religious and political works. And that led Britishers to monitor Indian publishing industry through various legal Acts. Today, Indian printing and publishing is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world producing more than 80,000 multilingual works every year. Not only its reader base has grown in years but it has also given a platform to new voices. Following is a list for more information on the history of Indian printing and publishing:

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22. History of Printing in Kerala, Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of Kerala.

This list is in progress. Please let us know if you know of some good archive on the Internet which concerns us and we may have missed. Please report if you find any dead links.

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