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January 2021

In Memory of the Departed
Artists, scholars and other important Indians who passed away in 2020

Welcome to the January 2021 issue of Ektara magazine. Over the last six years we brought you stories and videos on South Asia's shared culture and history. We dedicate this issue to the year 2020 which has been a difficult time all over the world. Many personalities who played important role in arts, culture and society of India left us this year. We pay our homage to these and many other lesser known or unknown people who are no more with us with some important links about them:

- Obaid Siddiqui, author/broadcaster, 9 January

- Pandit Jasraj, Hindustani vocalist, 28 January

- Nimmi, cinema actress, 25 March

- Satish Gujral, artist, 26 March

- Asrar Jamayee, Urdu satirist, 4 April

- Irrfan Khan, cinema actor, 29 April

- Rishi Kapoor, cinema actor, 30 April

- Mujtaba Hussain, Urdu satirist, 27 May

- Basu Chatterjee, film director and screenwriter, 4 June

- Zutshi Gulzar Dehlvi, Urdu author, 12 June

- Sushant Singh Rajput, cinema actor, 14 June

- Saroj Khan, cinema dance director, 3 July

- Jagdeep, cinema actor, 8 July

- Kumkum (Zebunnisa), cinema actress, 28 July

- Ebrahim Alkazi, theatre director, 4 August

- Sadia Dehlvi, author/journalist, 5 August

- Rahat Indori, Urdu poet, 11 August

- Pranab Mukherjee, ex-President of India, 31 August

- Swami Agnivesh, peace activist, 11 September

- Yaseen Mazhar Siddiqui, author/historian, 15 September

- Kapila Vatsyayan, scholar of art history, 16 September

- S.P.Balasubramaniam, cinema singer, 25 September

- Muzaffar Hanfi, Urdu author/scholar, 10 October

- Sanjog Sharan, artist, designer, 29 October

- Soumitra Chatterjee, Bengali cinema actor, 15 November

- Kalbe Sadiq, religious scholar/peace activist, 25 November

- Manglesh Dabral, Hindi poet, journalist, 9 December

- Astad Deboo, dancer, 10 December

- Iqbal Ahmed Khan, Hindustani vocalist, Dilli gharana, 17 December

- Shamsur Rahman Faruqi, Urdu scholar/author, 25 December

- Sunil Kothari, dance critic, 27 December

This year, we also lost some politicians like Amar Singh (1 Aug.), Jaswant Singh (27 Sept.), Ram Vilas Paswan (8 Oct.), Tarun Gogoi (23 Nov.), Ahmed Patel (25 Nov.), and Motilal Vohra (21 Dec.) besides others.

If you know of any other India-based artists or scholars who passed away in 2020 and have not been listed here, please inform us. May their souls find peace.

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