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Nizamuddin shrineHeritage Walk at Nizamuddin shrine:
Introduction to the Urs of Amir Khusrau

11th September, 2011, at New Delhi

All are welcome
(The walk is arranged by India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.
A nominal fee per person is charged for participation)

About 16 days after Eid-ul-fitr, many Muslims and some non-Muslims in and around Delhi take part in a festive occasion they call the Satrahvin Sharif - literally Holy Seventeenth. This is the Urs or death anniversary of Hazrat Amir Khusrau, the favourite companion of 13th century Saint Nizamuddin Aulia. Thousands of people throng the twin dargah (tomb) and offer their nazrana (of flowers, chadurs and sweets), say the fatehas (oblation), tie threads of mannat (vow) on the tomb’s jali, or just sit there listening to ecstatic qawwalis. This year, the 4-day long urs of Amir Khusrau will start around 15th of September with various ceremonies and events involving traditional Sufis and qawwali singers.

On the morning of 11th September, 2011, we conduct a heritage walk in the neighbourhood of Nizamuddin shrine to acquaint the participants to various historical sites which will come alive during the urs. The walk will start at 8 am on Sunday from the parking lot of Humayun’s tomb. We will first move towards the Chilla (or meditation room) of Nizamuddin Aulia situated at the north eastern corner of Humayun’s tomb compound (near Gurudwara Damdama saheb). Those coming in their vehicles could reach this location directly too (its half a kilometre walk, and we have to walk quite a lot in the Nizamuddin basti as well).

From the Chilla of Nizamuddin we return to our original location and then move to the basti of Nizamuddin across the Mathura Road (entry near the Nizamuddin Police station). Inside the basti, we will first visit the Urs Mahal (which houses the Mughal monument Chaunsath khamba too) before heading towards the main shrine of Nizamuddin and Amir Khusrau. One goes through a narrow lane to reach the dargah, and removes the shoes just before entering the tomb.

For registration, you could contact the Desk at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.