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What We Do

1. Production of films, multimedia, printed literature and books on peace, cultural exchange, and balanced representation of history.
2. Curate traveling exhibitions of art work, posters and multimedia presentations in India as well as abroad, promoting ideas of peace and cultural exchange.
3. Holding programmes of cultural exchange by inviting artists, musicians, theatre artists, filmmakers, and other talent across different regions of South Asia.
4. Establishing a library of books, films, multimedia and art work on peace and cultural exchange.
5. Holding academic seminars, conferences, workshops and short courses on peace education and cultural plurality in India.
6. Scrutinizing the contemporary media and entertainment industry for possible bias and prejudice it promotes against certain communities, castes, gender or environment.
7. Involving youth in different local programmes of peace dialogues and cultural activities; giving them training on peace activism.

We would be happy to discuss and collaborate with you on any possibilities of the above activities.