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2-Weeks Workshop on

QawwalsAppreciating Qawwali and Sufi Music
December 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, 2009
New Delhi

See details about the February 2010 workshop

This workshop is open for anyone interested in learning to appreciate Sufi poetry, music and Qawwali better. The participants do not have to have a prior knowledge or training of music, nor there is an age-bar. The course would comprise of about 12 sessions of 2 hours each (mostly in English, but with some Hindustani) to be conducted at a venue around the dargah of Nizamuddin, with a couple of heritage walks around Delhi's historical monuments. The course would also focus on the poetic and musical heritage of the city of Delhi, especially the repertoire of poets such as Amir Khusrau and his Sufi master Nizamuddin Aulia. The sessions would be conducted by professional scholars, musicians, and members of Ektara group, and would comprise of illustrated lectures, live music demos, video screenings, guided visits to the dargah, listening sessions and more.

Close to the date of workshop, the final detailed list of speakers, their themes, and schedule would be available to the participants and on this website. Currently, you can see the schedule of the previous similar workshop to get an idea of the presentations (although the same presentations may not get repeated). It is hoped that by the end of 2 weeks, the participants would be able to better appreciate the nuances of Sufi music, poetry, and Qawwali and its historical context. Kindly note that this is NOT a course for learning music, but for appreciating it. Ektara would provide a certificate of participation, besides various printed or multimedia materials related to the content of the course. Refreshments would be served during the workshop. However, the participants would have to make their own arrangements of transport/ commuting to various locations of the course. Here is the tentative schedule:

Day One: 5 Dec. 2009, Saturday:
11 am - Introduction: Basics of Sufi Sama: Chishti Order and music
2 pm - Documentary films and discussion on Indian Sufism and literature
4 pm - Heritage of Amir Khusrau: Session with a practicing Qawwal or musician

Day Two: 6 Dec. Sunday:
11 am - Urdu and Persian poetry in Indian mysticism
2 pm – Syncretic Symbolism in Indian mystic poetry and literature
4 pm - Appreciating Kabir and Bhakti poets in performance

Day Three: 10 Dec. Thursday:
6 pm - Observing a ritual of live Qawwali at the shrine of Nizamuddin Aulia

Day Four: 12 Dec. Saturday:
10 am – Heritage walk and outdoor session at the Chilla of Nizamuddin
2 pm - Punjab's mystic traditions and Sufi music
4 pm - Experiencing Sufi - meeting with a Sufi teacher

Day Five: 13 Dec. Sunday:
11 am – Prominent Qawwals in Pakistan and India - styles and repertoire
2 pm - Hindustani classical music and Sufi themes
4 pm - Concluding lecture: Guide to finding good music

The seats are limited and would be reserved on a first-come-first-serve basis. The regular registration fee for each participant is Rs.4000/- (Indian Rupees Four Thousand only) with a few options for discounts including early bird and student discounts (see the table below). To register, you only need to pay Rs.1000/- now, and pay the remaining amount before the start of the workshop on Dec 5.

Those of you registering with us before 15th November 2009 would get a 25% discount. Couples or a group of friends registering together could get this discount even after 15th Nov. If applying after 15th Nov., please enquire with us first whether the seats are available. Kindly notice that discount options are subject to the availability of seats, and at the sole discretion of Ektara management. There is a limited quota of student discount. The students (including Ph.D. candidates) should not be working as professionals along side their studies, and would have to show original photo ID document issued by their respective institution at the time of registration or the start of workshop. If you are a professional and studying, kindly register as a regular candidate.

Following amounts need to be paid for different schemes:

Registration options Register before 15 Nov. 2nd installment/ Register after 15 Nov. Total
Early Bird Rs.1000 Rs.2000 Rs.3000
Regular (single) Rs.4000 Rs.4000
Regular (couple/group) Rs.3000 Rs.3000
Students (not working as a professional) Rs.1000 Rs.1000 Rs.2000

What you need to do to register:

Download this application form >> in MS Word format or PDF

Please print and fill the form, sign it, and send it to us along with the registration fee.

The fee can be paid by a cheque or Demand Draft payable in Delhi, drawn in favour of EKTARA INDIA, and sent by courier or registered post to our office address. You can also hand over the filled up form and the registration fee in cash to any of our team members by appointment, and get a receipt. Alternatively, you could deposit the fee directly to our bank account. The details for all these methods would be available via email on request.

You are free to contact us before registering if you have any questions or doubts about the workshop.

You can write to us at ektaraindia@email.com or use this form to send us your request/message.

See the schedule of previous workshop: Appreciating Sufi Music and Qawwali, Delhi, Oct.03-11, 2009

Also, Hindustani Music and Partition, New Delhi, August 22-23, 2008